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Fence Masters' computerized controlled routers are designed for the production shop seeking an efficient, precise and affordable routing system.

Whether you are new to fabricating PVC or are looking to increase production, our Z7 can meet your needs now and as you grow. The Z7 can be upgraded to double your production and accommodate custom curved profiles.

All of our routing machines offer the most user-friendly software and the quietest operation available in today’s market. Demos


  • 75% less man-hours: Multiple part routing enables operator to perform other duties.
    One hour routing time equals 10 minutes man labor time.
  • Converts from 1 to 2 heads: For less than 20% of initial machine cost this option
    brings tremendous value allowing you to double the production of the machine.
  • Routes curved profiles, arbor arches, radius rails, scalloped rails, s-rails and step rails:
    Our unique design affords you the ability to route scallop, step and s-rails, arbor arches,
    and radius rails.
  • Software: Our user-friendly Windows-based environment is the easiest to use on the
  • Profile variation compensation: We have developed a special easy-to-use function in
    our software that compensates for inconsistencies in profiles which allows gang
    routing of multiple profiles to be possible.
  • Gang routing of multiple pieces gives you optimal production and maximum profit.
  • Routes a variety of materials including PVC, wood, aluminum and Plexiglas.




Perske 2HP, 3PH, Router Motor
Table Clamping System
Mastermind Software for Standard Fence Parts
Installation, Setup and Training
1 year warranty
Free unlimited phone support

Product Specifications

The Z7 Stepper utilizes Fence Masters’ time proven technology which allows complete push button control of the x/y/z axes, and cutting speeds, while offering a full array of operator functions.

Our program allows even entry-level operators to easily create new designs and save and recall existing job files. Mastermind allows you to optimize your cutting pattern by cutting laterally (left to right), in addition to longitudinally (front to back). This lets you travel the shortest distance between holes, which saves a tremendous amount of time and greatly increases production. We provide at no cost a tool path program that allows you to import and run CAD files. Software modules for curved profiles are available. Mastermind supports custom shapes and profile radiuses.

The combination of the sturdy, powder coated tubular steel base and the subframe provides a rigid and stable structure for the working surface. The table legs are equipped with adjustable feet to ensure proper levelling. All major structural components of the transport system gantry are created from custom aluminum extrusions and castings, which are vibration free and provide more stability than welded steel. The aluminum table frame has been designed specifically to provide a secure and flat working surface.

A necessity for cutting aluminum, brass and other metals, the air powered system optimizes finish quality and increases bit longevity. Fence Masters’ cooling system includes a variable dispense rate and dualarm mist delivery system.

Fence Masters incorporates the German-made Perske, an excellent value in an industrial grade precision spindle. The Perske easily handles 2 to 3 shifts per day. A brushless motor with sealed bearings and balanced shaft ensures low maintenance and quiet operation.

Fence Masters' routers are created to provide a level of productivity and cost efficiency necessary to stay competitive in today’s markets. Designed to save floor space and labor costs while increasing productivity, Fence Masters' machines can accommodate an extensive range of manufacturing jobs.

The user-friendly air operated clamping system allows you to load and unload in one station, while the machine is routing in the other. The system can be removed in minutes for custom projects.

The user-friendly controller consists of an industrial PC conveniently mounted on a swivel arm, located in the front of the machine, coupled with a hand-held LCD display with an alpha numeric keypad.






Process Area 52 x 102 inches
Table Height 35 inches
Weight 1600 lbs.
Overall Length 120 inches
Overall Width 72 inches
Under Gantry Clearance 7 inches
Z Axis Travel 6.8 inches
Traverse Speed 600 inches per minute
Drive System X, Y, Z Rack and Pinion
Voltage 220 or 440 volt 3 Phase, dedicated line
Accuracy .001 Non Accumulating


“The best advantage with the Fence Masters machine is being able to router eight 5x5 posts
at a time. Being able to put more product at one time on the machine saves in overall time because we don’t have to constantly move profiles on and off the machine. When we
started our vinyl division we looked at just about every CNC machine out there. We went directly to you guys. The cost of your machine versus the ability to put more product on the table
made your CNC router a much better value.”

“The Fence Masters machine takes a fabricator to the next level. It’s a high production machine that has user-friendly software to set up standard or custom parts, while allowing
the operator to do other tasks.The Fence Masters machine helped us cut our lead time
from 2 weeks to 2 days. We have tracked time studies and have produced as much as $140
per hour with this machine. It has been one of the best returns on an investment purchase
in our company’s history.”



Scott Gilligan from Orlando Steel Enterprises in Florida stands in front of his Fence Masters Z7.


Will Allen from
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